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I have decided to make my first compiled top 10 list. All of these choices are ones that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and have spent so much time reading. However, because the majority of my favourite manga series are fantasy, I have decided to exclude fantasy/historical/supernatural etc. from this list and make a separate ‘top 10 fantasy romance’ list in the future. This is to avoid doubling up, so that I can deliver you all with many different choices!

So without further adieu, let’s begin!
PS: I’m counting down for #effect

10. Sp X Baby

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This manga is a twist on the typical ‘rich boyfriend’ genre, as the main character was hired to be his bodyguard! The male protagonist is very loveable, and so is the female, and you’ll definitely enjoy this humorous read.

9. Takane to Hana

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A bit more of a typical ‘rich boyfriend’ setting, where Hana was forced to go to an Omai in place of her older sister. Hana was in high school. The Omai guy takes a liking to her, and you’ll very much enjoy their constant, tsundere bickering relationship.

8. P to Jk

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The main character goes out to a bar and meets a man there, who she soon falls in love with. However, despite meeting where they did, the main character is a high schooler. Soon, she comes to find out that the male protagonist is a police officer, making their potential relationship much more complicated and against the rules. Regardless, it’s a very heart warming manga and you’ll be wanting to read more and more to see how their relationship progresses!

7. Adonis Next Door Manhua

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This is the DEFINITION of a great Tsundere male lead and a great neighbour romance. When she first comes home to see that she has a new person moving into the apartment next door, she goes to greet him (and inform him that he left his keys in the door). Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain as when she went in, he was just getting out of the shower and mistook her for a pervert! He ends up calling the police on her many times, but despite this, it is a very hilarious romance manga. She’s also a mangaka for those who are interested in that sort of writer storyline.

6. Coffee & Vanilla

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Okay, smut alert. This one is a bit more naughty than the rest, but it had to be put in this recommendation list. The male character saves the female from some people pressuring her to go out with them at a cafe, and from then onwards, their pure attraction for each other grows. It’s a perfect example of a loyal romance, and if you’re interested in an older male lead in your romance manga, then this is the perfect suggestion.

5. Tsubaki-Chou Lonely Planet

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EEEEEP this manga has FINALLY updated. It is a very slow paced romance, where a school girl ends up having to move in as a cleaning lady at a published writer’s house. It is the same art and author of Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and is definitely up your ally if you were Team Sensei for that manga. The main female is very hard working, despite all of her hardships, and you’ll fall in love with the serious male protagonist.

4. Namaikizakari

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Oh my, this manga isn’t smut, but it’s very sexy. The main character is a basketball manager at her high school, and she is very serious. However, the male protagonist is the year younger than her, and is very obsessed with her (in a good way). He’s very flirty, and you’re going to absolutely LOVE this manga if you were a fan of Usui’s love in Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

3. Special A

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Once again, this is very similar to Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, not only in terms of characters, but also of plot. In saying this, Special A was actually created first, so it didn’t copy Maid-Sama in any way. They’re similar because they have poor, hardworking female protagonists, always wanting to be Number 1 at school. Also, the male protagonists are absolutely in love with the female, and are exceptionally skilled, ranking top of the class. If you’re a fan of both, you won’t be disappointed with similar-ish storylines, as you’ll be happy that you can read more of a similar genre!

2. Skip Beat

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Skip Beat was the first manga that I actually got into. Many know about this one, too. It is about a girl who was rejected by her childhood friend who has recently become a Pop sensation. In an effort to get revenge, she completely changes her looks, and aims to defeat him through becoming a more popular actor, and working alongside his rival, Ren Tsuruga. This has a very interesting storyline, but is still a romance manga, as the main female ends up being held as a special person to Ren Tsuruga, and you’ll be loving the pure, VERY slow-paced romance.

1. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama!

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After mentioning it quite a bit, it’s not a shock that Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama is my favourite shoujo manga. The main character Misaki Ayuzawa is a very hard working person, and is the president of Seika High School. However, she is a hater of men (really because she’s been let down by her useless father) and unfortunately, Seika is predominantly filled with males (due to it only recently being a co-ed school). To help out her poor family, she works part-time at a Maid Cafe. If anyone knew about this, her reputation as a serious, strict high school president would be ruined. That’s where Takumi Usui comes into the picture. He is infamous for rejecting many women’s love confessions, and because of all the fuss, Misaki dislikes him greatly. However, when he was walking around at night, he discovers that Misaki works at a Maid Cafe! Now that he is interested, he comes by the cafe often, as it is his own personal entertainment, and he ends up very obviously falling for her. This is a great story with loyal romance, and 10/10 I can bet you’ll end up falling in love with Takumi Usui.

Well, that’s the list done! I have a lot of ones that are quite popular (like Maid-Sama and Skip Beat) but hopefully I added in some that you haven’t heard of before.

Thanks for reading! I’ll hope to be back with some more recommendations soon for some other genres!

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~ Elaelah x