My Anime Journey


I’ve always been a major fan of literature and art. My first anime series that I’d ever seen was One Piece. This is a very popular anime/manga series and there’s no doubt you’ve either seen it or heard of it. Being a child at the time, it opened my eyes to Pokemon, Yugioh and so on. However, when I was older, the first anime series that actually got me appreciating Japanese storylines was Bleach. I would watch this with my older brother in my early high school years, and was so amazed by every aspect of it.

Following Bleach,  I then watched Fruits Basket. It was the first shoujo type anime I’d seen, and since then, I became a fanatic. Yes, I blame that beautiful anime for the way I am now.

After watching Fruits Basket, I needed more. I was like an unsatisfied, hungry beast looking around all hours into the night for its next prey. I was that repulsive.

I’m pretty sure I then stumbled onto Skip Beat as my next anime victim. Here, after laughing hysterically at the humour in the episodes, and falling madly in love with all of the characters, I couldn’t just stop once watching all of the anime. After googling a bit about Skip Beat for more personal storyline closure, I discovered that the anime was actually based of the Skip Beat manga series. I had no clue what manga was, and once trying it out (I may have been lazy and googled where the anime left off, and started reading the manga after that), I WAS OVERWHELMED. MangaFox, MangaReader and MangaHere were suddenly my best friends.

Though, at this stage, I would still be watching my shoujo anime first. From reading all of Skip Beat, I went back searching for similar anime series, and found the love of my life, Takumi Usui from Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama. I read all of the manga and I am still not able to find a guy in life because he has boosted my standards WAY too high.

Following with other anime like Vampire Knight, Ouran High School Host Club, Earl and Fairy (UM THE BEST?!) and Kamisama Kiss, I became the person I am today.

A massive weeb.


Your friendly neighbourhood otaku.

Aka. Elaelah xx